Technical Characteristics

  • Reliability and Scalability
  • Capital and Operational expense savings
  • Network connectivity and Carrier neutral diversity
  • 100% power uptime SLA / Cooling managed to ASHRAE industry standard
  • Logical and Physical Security
  • Business Continuity Facilities and Disaster Recovery Offices
  • Allowing the client to focus on their core business strategy and competencies opposed to operating in-house Comms rooms and IT infrastructure

Data Centre Design Concept

Four Data hall delivering a minimum requirement of 560 cabinets per data hall.                     

Total DC IT load: 20MW.

Design allows for medium and high density loads.

Raised floor – cica 780mm.

Electrical supplies to cabinets are flexible to allow customer to choose N, N+1 or 2N supply.

Tier Standards

Data centre base design is for Tier III installation as defined by the Uptime Institute.

The design is flexible and we have the ability to deliver Tier IV solution.

Stand alone space allowance has been made for additional plant rooms for a separate dedicated Tier IV M&E delivery, Should it be required.

Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Active Capacity Components to Support IT load N N N+1 N after any failure
Distribution Paths 1 1 1 active and 1 alternate 2 Simultaneously active
Concurrently Maintainable No No Yes Yes
Fault Tolerance (single event) No No No Yes
Compartmentalization No No No Yes
Continous Cooling* Load density dependent Load density dependent Load density dependent Yes (Class A)

Key points

  • Dual utility supply from ONEE Power Grid
  • 2.5MW IT load per Data Hall
  • 100% SLA on power
  • 100% Free cooling 46% of the year, partial free cooling 53% of the year
  • PUE 1.25 target design low cost of operation
  • Standard and scalable design for ease of operation and rapid deployment

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