Market research by Zircom highlights the significant demand for Internationally recognised Data Center design and build and services and operation throughout the African Continent in order to enhance and develop the limited existing quality of Data Center infrastructure and services.

This Data Center development, will be the first state of the art International Gateway Data Center in North Africa built to global industry standards and best practice utilising the latest data center technology to deliver comprehensive colocation, cloud, storage, managed hosting services to support sustainable business value and IT growth in Morocco and African marketplace from start-up companies, SME’s to the most demanding in region and global consumers of data center services.

Morocco is now in a prime location to invest in Africa to develop and build an Internationally recognised Data Center to deliver and support globally recognised standards with comprehensive SLA’s.

Key features include

Multi-tenant datacenters

Carrier neutral flexibility with comprehensive meet-me-rooms for ease of cross connects.


Capital and operational expense savings for client base

SLA 100%

100% power uptime SLA/cooling managed to ASHRAE industry standards


Reliability and scalability delivering industry best practice and infrastructure in Africa. Optimum accredited sustainable performance


Multiple layers of logical and physical security

Client BC/DR

Comprehensive business continuity facilities and disaster recovery offices to support clients business critical operations

The Morocco International Gateway Data Center is an ideal place for all those ICT Market sectors and companies growing their National and International activity, breaking into the exciting emerging African technology landscape of mobile data, colocation, managed hosting and the cloud within a market moving at incredible speed and growth.


The proposed data center will not only provide a gateway to the African continent, but it will also provide globally recognised data center operator services and build standards.

The Global Cloud Index predicts that through 2018, the Middle East and Africa region is expected to have the highest cloud traffic growth rate estimated at 54%CAGR globally. It also predicts that IP traffic for the region will reach 9.4 exabytes/month by 2019, 44% CAGR, and 6.3-fold growth.


Why Africa needs more Data Centres:


  • Increased use of colocation, managed hosting and cloud services in all Government sectors, SME’s to support the African Continent digital economy boom,


  • Private consumers use cloud services to access content and services from several devices and different locations in the world.


  • Global internet users have increased from 2.23bn in 2011 to 3.14 bn in 2015, which is a penetration rate of 43.4%.


  • The number of SMEs using colocation managed hosting cloud solutions will increase by 19.4% year on year from 2016 until 2020.


Medafrica Datacenters first mission is to set up a datacenter oriented towards the MENA Region

This will be the spring board for a network of datacenters throughout Subsaharian Africa.

The selection of Morocco as a country is not down to coincidence, but determined by several factors;

  • Telecommunications and Utility Power Infrastructure
  • Availability of space, growth potential and competitive cost of land
  • Labour Costs and strength of quality labour
  • Transport
  • Environment Infrastructures
  • Investment Incentives
  • Government Support
  • Political and economic stability
  • Proximity to Europe

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