Medasys Group

The Medafrica Systems Group (Medasys) is a leading actor specializing in information and communication technologies. The company supports its partners-Customer’s, public and private institutions both in Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa in their development and offer differentiated value around new information technologies.

In fact, capitalizing on two decades of expertise and the know-how of its executives, as the originator of the first national computer group (Disway), and the integrator PC Mémoria, Medasys addresses today to its clients an offer in line with:

  • New global trends in technology
  • Major national sectoral strategies
  • Regionalization process and development of regional territories.

Over the years, Medasys has expanded by creating new business units. Mainly acquiring all or part of complementary IT companies.

Recently, the company wanted to give a new impulse to its development through a new growth materialized today by the launch of a new activity: Cloud Computing through the creation of a new subsidiary MedaCloud, as well as the construction of a Datacenter, meeting the requirements of international standards.

The Group is composed of Medasys (the historical Value Added Reseller) and new subsidiaries, which are operating in the new technologies sector, thus complementing and diversifying the Medasys offer.


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